Alaris syringe pumps

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Highly precise, reliable and simple-to-use Syringe Pump systems for administering all types of IV fluids, as well as blood transfusion. The pressure level is configurable, enabling the early diagnosis of complications associated with intravenous treatment.

All of this is possible thanks to Guardrails safety software, a system ensuring quality control and safety in infusions, aimed at preventing errors in administering medication. This enables the hospital to develop, for each specific area of care, lists of medicines with dosage guidelines for IV fluids. The use of these lists enables the visualisation of the medicine’s name on the pump’s screen. When it exceeds a dosage, bolus, concentration or weight limit, it generates an automatic warning that, when the protocol’s maximum parameters are exceeded, stops the infusion and, therefore, the erroneous administration of the medication.

  • Easy to use.
  • Visualisation of all important parameters at a glance.
  • Greater flow resolution.
  • Online pressure sensor: improves flexibility with alarm levels, time until resulting alarm and efficiency of self-reduction of the bolus.
  • Extensive portfolio of infusion systems.
  • CQI software enables up to 15 parameters to be measured.


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