Alaris volumetric pumps

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Reliable, simple, versatile and flexible volumetric Infusion Pump systems for infusing large volumes of IV fluids. They incorporate an online air sensor that protects against isolated and accumulated bubbles. The infusion systems feature a safety clip that protects patients from free-flow risks, when the pump equipment is removed. Occlusion pressure alarm that can be configured according to nine levels.

Thanks to Guardrails safety software, the Hospital can develop, for each specific area of care, lists of medicines with dosage guidelines for IV fluids. The use of these lists enables the visualisation of the medicine’s name on the pump’s screen. When it exceeds a dosage, bolus, concentration or weight limit, it generates an automatic warning that, when the protocol’s maximum parameters are exceeded, stops the infusion and, therefore, the erroneous administration of the medication. CQI software (a Guardrails tool) enables the subsequent analysis of any recorded incidents and the establishing of measures to favour ongoing improvement in healthcare quality. It also enables an exchange of data between pumps and hospital computer systems.

  • Easy to use.
  • Visualisation of all important parameters at a glance.
  • Extensive portfolio.
  • Early detection of occlusions by reducing warning time (online pressure sensor).


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