Alexia Clinic

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Mobility platform that provides access to healthcare computer systems by means of mobile devices.

Its software connects the different Hospital programmes, and enables professionals to manage the information and key utilities in healthcare: unequivocally identifying the patient, recording his/her vital signs, validating the administration of medication, consulting the record of data and its evolution, requesting diagnostic tests and visualising their results, carrying out tests and filling out forms, managing warning systems…

  • Reduction in identification of errors and administration of medicines.
  • It improves the relationship with the patient and his/her satisfaction.
  • Devices especially designed for the healthcare environment, resulting in greater reliability and efficiency when it comes to administration.
  • Full integration with any type of webservice for managing medical records.
  • Complete traceability by recording all interventions.
  • Intuitive interface that simplifies the Work, automating the processes.
  • It guarantees the confidentiality of medical data.

Ficha técnica ISERN ISM06


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