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ALL-IN-1 STATION is a full automated, modular robot that can be integrated with other ALL-IN-1 modules for managing all types of medicines, as a single point for storing and preparing therapies. It minimises the healthcare personnel’s workload, increasing control and safety, optimising the amount of managed products and available space in accordance with actual needs, eliminating expired medication and errors in dispensing therapies.

It automatically prepares and dispenses to carts all the specific therapies for patients in single doses, which simplifies the activities of logistical, clinical and administrative management related to medication.

ALL-IN-1 cabinets are a fully automated, modular “Plug and Play” solution that can be integrated to manage all types of medicines and medical supplies.

Furthermore, the addition of ALL-IN-1 Trolley guarantees the final step of medicine management in a closed circuit: administration by identifying the patient and validating the therapy. The entire medication circuit is thereby traced and recorded automatically to optimise patient safety.

  • Real-time management of variations in therapy (preparation available every day at any time).
  • Fully automated.
  • Individualised therapy.



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