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ALL-IN-1 is a cutting-edge mechatronic pharmacy robot for single-dose repackaging.

Equipped with a highly automated feeder system and internal controls, ALL-IN-1 is very useful for managing, in a completely automatic way, all pharmaceutical formats of solid oral medication, liquid medication, such as vials, syringes, ampoules and other formats such as sachets, little bags, single-dose boxes, suppositories and photosensitive medication. It maintains the integrity of the medicine’s container (primary, and secondary in the case of single dose) and its expiry date. Each single dose is labelled and identified with a unique code, which summarises the medicine’s main characteristics.

Thanks to error-free mechatronic technology, it provides a fully automated, closed-circuit solution for managing medicines and medical supplies, which guarantees complete traceability from the prescription to administration and bedside verification. Furthermore, thanks to Deenova’s ORBIT software, it features a tool for controlling electronic prescription, clinical processes and micro-logistical processes within the healthcare facilities, which exchange information by means of the central pharmacy, intrahospital clinical, logistics and administration departments, and coordinates integrated mechatronic technologies.

  • Universal, massive and fully automatic loading.
  • Guarantees high efficiency and speed.
  • Can handle products with different sizes, formats and materials.
  • Reduced operator-machine ratio, releasing time for spending on clinical activities.


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