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The Apostore Cube pharmacy robot’s modular concept is specifically designed for small, medium-sized and large pharmacies, enabling the chemist to adapt his/her pharmacy to future needs.

The Apostore Cube pharmacy robot’s flexibility enables the chemist to begin on a small scale and gradually increase capacity. This makes it a versatile robot that adapts to each pharmacy’s needs.

The chemist begins with an initial module whose height and length can be increased, according to the evolution of his/her business. The robot can therefore grow in harmony with the pharmacy’s growth.

Furthermore, its light weight enables the chemist to install it safely on either the ground floor or first floor, thereby optimising the pharmacy’s space.

  • It features Greenline technology for great longevity and energy efficiency.
  • Many elements are prefabricated (lower manufacturing cost).
  • Its modular concept enables you to begin working with a small initial cost and gradually increase according to your needs and available budget.


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