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In the field of Oncologic Pharmacy, most preparations are made for specific patients, in accordance with the corresponding medical orders. All of this has to be carried out in real time in aseptic conditions, which is a real challenge.


Loccione Humancare has developed the Apoteca Chemo robot, which represents the automation and computerisation of cytostatic preparations.


Apoteca is the result of many years of work, with the participation of different healthcare professionals.


This healthcare robot enables the automation of cytostatic preparations in Hospital Pharmacy, in a safe and precise way, in final containers such as syringes, bags and elastomeric pumps.

  • Maximum safety for patients and for pharmacy personnel.
  • Provides a detailed electronic record of the process and materials used.
  • Integrates with the hospital’s computer system.
  • Enables the execution of an order for a specific patient or prepare medication.


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