ATLAS Pick-to-light system

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This pick-to-light system is the solution for streamlining picking tasks and optimising the work of storage personnel, reducing handling times and minimising inventory errors.

After scanning a delivery note, a system of lights guides the operator, indicating, in an orderly fashion, the corridors which he/she should enter by means of overhead lights and, within each corridor, it indicates the shelves where the goods are located, i.e. pick-to-light, or where the goods should be placed, i.e. put-to-light. In both cases, it also indicates the number of units. After the operation in each shelf, the operator validates the units by means of a push-button, the corresponding shelf’s lights then go off and he/she just has to follow the illuminated route to go to the next operation point, in an orderly fashion and taking the optimised route.


  • It eliminates paper, increases productivity, reduces errors.
  • Inventory control is updated in real time.
  • Modular, scalable.
  • It enables 4 persons to work simultaneously, with 4 picking routes (each with its own colour).
  • It enables picking and restocking/returning (put-to-light).



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