Automatic medication-dispensing systems (ADS): Decentralised (in plant)

AutoDrugs Springdose

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Automatic dispensing system, ideal for the maximum control of certain products: narcotics, high-cost, etc.

It is an airtight cabinet without access from the exterior, with an aluminium finish.

  • It provides maximum safety in availability of doses, extraction of doses or multi-doses per patient and user, without access to other medicines or more doses than those requested from the system.
  • Availability of touch-screen usage, password-controlled access.
  • Availability of several modules adapted to each nursing unit’s needs.
  • Comprehensive connectivity with different Hospital Services and Areas.
  • It complies with the “KANBAN” storage system (it dispenses the medicine that has been stored the longest, reducing the risk of expiry to a minimum).
  • It dispenses protocols individually or as packs.
  • It does not break ampoules or vials.


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