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The function of BC 100 is to transform an original blister pack containing multiple doses into a unit for individual consumption. It is capable of working with different types of blister packs, including medicines in diagonal blister packs.

The equipment features an alignment system that places the cards to be cut in a fixed position as regards the X and Y axes. It is made up of a motor system that automatically adjusts the initial position of the different sizes of cards.

The cut blister packs are stored in an output box, which can be removed when the equipment is at a standstill. There is a sensor just below the tools that identifies correct cutting.

The equipment features support for integration with Opus 30X equipment (packaging machine). The objective is to automate the Opus 30X’s operating process by sending the packets of cut blister packs to be packaged without the operator’s intervention.

The cutting is carried out at an average rate of 2,000 cuts per hour. The cutting is done simultaneously with other operations.

  • Fully automatic.
  • Receives up to 100 blister packs ready for cutting.
  • The information about the size of the blister pack is stored beforehand in the machine’s control system.
  • Not all blister packs can be cut. See the information in the following page.
  • Production of up to 2,300 cuts per hour.
  • Includes all safety devices.
  • EC certified.
  • After cutting, the blister pack is placed in a container that then moves to the AB feeder or disk.


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