Robotic medicine storage and dispensing cabinets


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A robotic storage and dispensing system for both single and multiple doses in several formats. Equivalent to a carrousel but with better features.

Safe, high-density and controlled-access storage system.

It completely automates medicine storage and dispensing processes; this not only eliminates storage errors and increases safety when it comes to dispensing, but also creates a much more efficient workflow.

  • 3 times more productive than a vertical carrousel.
  • Multi-task option by means of different operator stations (one person can dispense while another restocks).
  • Centralises stock in single location, instead of distributing it among different carrousels.
  • It only enables access to a single product rather than several (greater safety).
  • The machine can be configured with refrigerated modules, storing all types of medication in the same equipment, without requiring separate equipment for thermolabile medicines.


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