Biological Safety Cabinets

Class III Biological Safety Cabinets (Telstar)

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Class III biological safety cabinets feature biological protection equipment that guarantees a high level of protection for the operator, product and environment, in the case of microbiological work with Class 4 pathogens, among others. These are considered high-risk agents that can be lethal if inhaled.

Dangerous biological agents are introduced into the work area by means of a pull box and handled with gloves (which are incorporated into the front of the cabin). While working, the possibly contaminated air is controlled by means of airflow and negative pressure, in accordance with international standard EN 12469.

  • Steel material covered with epoxydic resin.
  • Microprocessor-controlled airstream.
  • Pre-filter system in entrance and extraction areas.
  • Stainless steel work area.
  • HEPA14 entrance and extraction filters.


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