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Deenova’s D8 SERIES manages hospital micro-logistics and the traceability of medical supplies, one of the main components of hospital expenditure. It provides a fully automated solution, ensuring complete traceability, from stock reception to the assigning of a patient’s specific consumption.

Deenova’s patented software, ORBIT, simplifies the workflow, for a complete management of the inventory and orders, and tracking and control of medical supplies. After stock reception, each medical device is tagged with an RFID tag, which enables complete traceability. ORBIT ensures a record of medical devices with a unique code, handling the complex management associated with multiple, non-homogeneous coding of the different medical device manufacturers.

SENTINEL, Deenova’s secure RFID system, has been designed for storage and real-time tracking of medical (implantable and consumable) devices, or medicines in their commercial packaging, at any time and anywhere. It automatically records stored and eliminated elements, and communicates with ORBIT integrated software with a view to micro-logistics, simplifying inventory processes and the management of cost allocations. Furthermore, it can be located in the surgical area, or directly in the operations room, or at any distribution point.

Tracking of the complete workflow of medical devices within the Hospital is guaranteed by FRONTIER, Deenova’s RFID gateway, located at strategic crossing points, entrances or gates.

CHECKIN facilitates the reorganisation of low-cost medical devices and medical supplies. Thanks to RFID technology, each products is identified by means of a notification card (Electronic Kanban). Once minimum stock is attained, the personnel just have to insert the notification card inside CHECKIN, which will automatically generate the supply request and update the reorder list.

SENTRY is Deenova’s innovative solution for tracking the consumption of medical devises directly in the operations room. By communicating with ORBIT software, it automatically records the consumption data of a patient’s specific medical devices. It tracks consumption by reading the RFID tags located in the primary container of the medical supplies and then deactivating them.

  • Simplifies administrative tasks.
  • Precise accounting reports from medical devices, for each logistics model.
  • Frees up time that can be devoted to patients and clinical activities.
  • Flexibility and fast reaction capacity.
  • Minimises losses and keeps costs down.


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