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DosiSafe is made up of a semi-automatic medicine packaging machine and a containment cabinet.

The cabinet enables the packaging of non-sterile dangerous medicines, ensuring the quality of the medication, the operator’s safety and respecting the environment. Air is filtered through USP800-standard filters.

Medicines are placed inside the cabinet, and the packaging programme is used to indicate the amount to be packaged, the batch, the expiry date and all the necessary information for the correct identification of the medication. Possibility of configuring different designs for labelling single doses. Bicolour printing and possibility of incorporating images, logos. Coloured cellophane to identify different groups according to their dangerousness.

The equipment features different alerts and alarms to guarantee the operator’s safety, as well as EC-certified prevention measures.

  • Adjustment of sealing time (servo sealing).
  • Detection of product feeding.
  • It adapts to the operator’s working speed.
  • It only packages if it detects medication.
  • It does not generate empty containers.
  • The computer system and control consoles are tactile.
  • Automatic advance sensor.
  • Bicolour (black and white).
  • Medication funnel easy to remove for cleaning.
  • Adjustable-height worktable for correct ergonomic posture.
  • Packaging of medicines using the extractable tray or dangerous medicines in the cabinet.


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