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Dyane SmartCabinet

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Dyane SmartCabinet is an intelligent cabinet featuring restricted access, based on RFID technology, for handling material of great value or with high patient-traceability demands. The cabinet enables an automatic record of outgoing and incoming material, without the need for scanning barcodes or pressing buttons.

Dyane software, along with integrations in the hospital’s HIS, enables the automation of administrative and logistical processes, in order to relieve healthcare workers of tasks with little added value.

Real-time inventory management also enables the optimisation of stock levels with an efficient use of material at consumption points, with notifications indicating expired or about-to-expire products.

More than 130 cabinets have already been installed nationally, and almost 100 internationally.

  • Cabinet with glass doors featuring high-performance reading.
  • Capacity –validated and currently in use– for handling different types of products (orthopaedic protheses, laparoscopy, intraocular lenses, stents, catheters, mammary protheses, meshes…).
  • Built-in capacity for patient or service assignment.
  • User access by means of password, card and/or fingerprint.

Dyane SmartCabinet


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