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Dyane SmartKanban

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The Dyane SmartKanban system is based on the use of RFID cards, located in the baskets of modular shelves, in plant stores managed under the Kanban principle. It employs a double-compartment system to indicate the need for restocking medicines/serums and the urgency of restocking such, depending on whether they are located in the first compartment (white card / normal order) or second compartment (orange card / urgent order), respectively.

The installation of this management process, at consumption points in healthcare units, enables the hospital to optimise its storage capacities and apply the FIFO principle to eradicate expired stocks.

  • Automates restocking orders by simply introducing a card into a slot.
  • Minimises possible human errors caused by manual inventory management, without the need for manual counting, pressing buttons and/or scanning barcodes.

Dyane SmartKanban


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