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Automated preparation system designed for use in closed system medicine transfer (CSMT) that combines safety, traceability and automation, while also delivering optimum performance of up to 60 preparations per hour by means of 8 simultaneous preparation systems. This enables the hospital’s pharmacy services to safely handle their increasing healthcare load.

With a storage capacity of up to 67 vials and 65 syringes, and with the approximate size of a biological safety cabinet, it is a compact, easy-to-use piece of equipment that is highly flexible when it comes to adapting to a wide range of IV preparations (syringes, IV bags, etc) by means of Equashield CSMT, which guarantees the lack of surface contamination, backed by numerous independent studies, as well as the containment of vapours and/or aerosols of dangerous medicines. This minimises the generation of dangerous waste inside and avoids accidental spillages, satisfying all NIOSH and OSHA safety standards.

  • Automated system that works with closed systems, minimizing exposure to hazardous drugs.
  • Equashield closed system medicine transfer (avoiding any type of contamination).
  • High performance in the preparation process thanks to its multi-station approach.
  • Highly flexible to produce a wide range of patient-specific doses with syringes, I.V. bags, elastomeric pumps and other forms of administration.


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