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Application developed by interdisciplinary and multi-professional healthcare workers, which guarantees the coordination and structuring of functions and confidentiality of the generated data. It also satisfies the daily needs of the patient’s therapeutic and pharmacotherapeutic management.

On the other hand, it features alert and clinical support systems so that the patient, regardless of where he/she has to be treated, will receive the same level of medical, pharmaceutical and nursing care.

In the field of Hospital Pharmacy, it provides comprehensive assistance for Pharmacy personnel, being a highly valuable tool when it comes to clinical and technical validation, preparation and dispensation of medication.

  • It enables the clinical validation of the prescription by means of a visual assistant.
  • It promotes communication with the prescriber by means of a record of messages.
  • It provides the necessary lists and labels to get ready for preparation.
  • It incorporates mobility (tablet) and traceability to the process of the technical validation of the prepared treatment.
  • In the case of Intravenous Therapy Units with assisted-preparation systems (ePASE or preparation robots), it features the functionalities of destination management and tele-validation.
  • The DISPENSA function facilitates comprehensive assistance in Outpatient Pharmaceutical Care Units (OPCU) and enables the introduction of Rational Medicine Use programmes.
  • DISPENSA features traceability processes (batch and expiry) and evaluates the patient’s adherence to the pharmacotherapeutic treatment.
  • DISPENSA guarantees the existence of stock, so that the necessary medication for each patient is always available (refill).
  • It provides predefined or personalised documents for carrying out healthcare activities (dispensation sheet, time sheet, patient education, etc).


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