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Cutting-edge system for the automatic preparation of sterile intravenous mixtures for oncologic treatments, including cytostatic and biological agents.

KIRO Oncology is annually certified to function as a Class ISO 5 Biological Safety Cabinet.

  • Self-cleaning system.
  • Carries out gravimetric controls in each phase of the preparation process and automatically calculates the precision of the final product.
  • Material traceability is maintained by reading barcodes and using identification cameras.
  • Protects the operator from exposure to dangerous medicines and from injuries due to repetitive movements.
  • Prepares bags, syringes, cassettes and elastomeric pumps, and is compatible with a wide range of disposable devices.
  • Partially used vials are kept in the cabin for subsequent dosages, thereby optimising the use of high-cost medicines.
  • Maintenance of sterility.
  • Automatic elimination of dangerous waste.
  • The KIRO database can be connected with electronic dispensing and prescription services, accepting different protocols, including HL7.

KIRO Oncology


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