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Sistema robotizado KLS

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KLS Pharma Robotics presents an innovative robotic system, which is being installed in most pharmacies in Europe (the largest pharmacy in Europe, with a stock of 55,000 medicines and 5,000 clients per day, trusts in our robotic system).

This system’s main features are its fully automatic entry and the fact that it does not need large spaces or lengths like other robots, which require pulling down walls or modifying structures in order to attain the necessary storage capacities. It also provides greater storage capacity in less space, and a very fast medicine-dispensing system (8 sec., which amounts to 450 medicines per hour). It is capable of handling and storing round containers (the only robot on the market that enables you to automate the entire pharmacy).

It features a 24-hr dispensing terminal connected to the robot (the pharmacy can dispense drugstore products and prescribed medication 24 hours a day, 365 days per year).

  • Fully automatic loading with reading of QR codes as per SEVeM standard.
  • System adapted to the storage and dispensing of different sizes of round containers.
  • Optimisation of available space, due to its high-density storage in 1.2 x 1.6 m trays.
  • KLS DUPLEX systems, thanks to their four arms that function simultaneously, provide high-speed dispensing (up to 900 packets per hour).
  • Extremely quiet system.
  • Lighter system that does not require reinforcing the pharmacy floor.
  • Smart safety system (the machine never starts functioning if there is anyone or anything inside the system).
  • Optimisation of movements that improves energy efficiency and extends the robotic system’s life.


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