Lūg Healthcare Technology

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Application designed for the control of critical processes related to hospital pharmacy. With the objective of guaranteeing the safety of patients, professionals and the use of medication.

It features different modules, according to the field of application:

SHP AEP Assisted Electronic Prescription: Safe and efficient prescription. It supports protocols that help clinical decision-making and an updated medication database integrable with other applications.

SHP Trace Production: Active traceability system, ensures that the preparations correspond to what is prescribed. Absolute control of production by means of a gravimetric quality control process, ensuring that each component is added according to the exact dosage.

It enables the control of storage (control of batches, expiry dates and stabilities, arranges consumption sequence according to expiry date, virtual store), production (controls of maximum dosages per patient and molecule, ensures exact volumes of dilutant and medicine, gravimetric control, prints actual production data, ensures the stability of leftover products, voice- or keyboard-based production) and the finished product (gravimetric control, protection from light and temperature).

Lug-Trace Administration: Successive identifications between nurse, medication, patient and the box (including association perfusion equipment), providing a record of the process’ critical points. It ensures a one-to-one relationship between patient and treatment, with control of pre-medication and any incidences during administration. It enables modification of the treatment sequence or the control of pumping times.

  • Production per medicine or production per patient.
  • No relabelling.
  • DataMatrix reading of medication.
  • Reallocation of preparations.
  • Control of biological or reconstituted mixtures.
  • Voice- and/or keyboard-based production.
  • Virtual store.
  • Quality and weight control.


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