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Medistore Standard

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Label Pharma is an Italian company, established in 1975, that has become more and more specialised in automated stores for pharmacies, hospitals and wholesalers, capable of handling all medicines in a precise, reliable way.

In addition to its robotic arm, which represents the heart of the machine, managing the low turnover and loading of products, there is the possibility of integrating the system with ultrafast, smart and independent HS modules, which are ideal for medium and high turnovers, whose channels ensure a high gathering speed (10 products in 1 second).

The semi-automatic loading system can be accompanied by a fully automatic one that is efficient and very fast (up to 400 boxes in 1 hour).

The anticollision Radar (Label patent) prevents the machine from blocking, since it enables incorrectly positioned packages to be retrieved.

The design of our robotic systems is based on the use of high-quality electronic components and the minimisation of mechanical parts, which ensures an insignificant service cost.

LABEL systems are fully personalised for all sizes and can therefore be installed in any environment.

  • Easy to use thanks to its smart design.
  • Capable of storing up to 98% of the total inventory with only 40 minutes of loading per day.
  • It eliminates costs associated with expiry of medication.
  • Possibility of storing different formats and sizes of medication.
  • It adapts to customer needs according to available space and required volume.


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