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Telstar’s Mini V/PCR series consists of a range of top-quality horizontal laminar flow cabinets designed to handle non-dangerous substances that require a particle-free environment. These cabinets provide the highest level of protection for the product.

These vertical laminar flow cabinets are small units that are easy to install in any lab. The unit provides quality air and complies with the Class 3 ISO standard for product protection. Furthermore, it comes equipped with UV for the dissociation of oligonucleotides, which prevents contamination by carrying out a PCR (polymerase chain reaction).

Aeolus vertical laminar flow systems provide a sterile, particle-free work environment thanks to the area being continuously swept by a unidirectional horizontal flow of ultrafiltered air. The positive pressure created inside the cabinet prevents exterior air from entering the work area.

Telstar’s Mini V/PCR cabinet incorporates a UV light with a timer, which is particularly suitable for the PCR process in order to denature the contaminants of oligonucleotides.

These are desktop cabinets featuring non-recirculated vertical laminar flow. Thanks to their compact size, they can fit through any door in a normal lab and be installed in any space.

  • Compliance with safety standards. (The Mini V cabinet has been designed and manufactured to provide a work area that complies with the standards ISO 14644-1 (Class 3) and GMP, Appendix 1 (Grade A*)).
  • High-quality components. (The Mini V cabinets are made of laminated steel covered with epoxydic resin, and the work surface is made of polished AISI-304 stainless steel).
  • The HEPA H14 filter provides 99.999% efficiency with particles > 0.3 micrometres, and can be easily accessed for replacement.
  • It features a G3 pre-filter, with an 85% rating according to ASHRE, located in the side of the cabinet
  • Intuitive electronic control system that provides fast and complete control of the cabinet’s functions.
  • Ergonomic design that enables the operator to work in optimum conditions.


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