Robotic medicine storage and dispensing cabinets


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Example of high technology. Designed according to the highest standards in the field of automated Pharmacy. With a minimum robot size, it guarantees maximum capacity.

  • Fully integrated into the Pharmacy’s aesthetics.
  • It can be installed in any floor of the Pharmacy.
  • Possibility of carrying out several functions in a single step.
  • Automatic functioning.
  • No mechanical moving parts (the only one of its kind on the market).
  • Electronic medicine identification, following the principle of “first expired, first out,” ensuring efficient stock control.
  • Anti-static guides, combining minimum noise and precise operations.
  • Continuous process monitoring thanks to 2 cameras integrated into the robot.
  • The use of 2D Data Matrix code readers prevents errors in medicine expiry dates.
  • It saves a lot of time by integrating with MT Optimat/Integrated.


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