Automatic medication-dispensing systems (ADS): Decentralised (in plant)


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The NexsysADC automatic dispensing system features secure technology for controlled handling of medication. (The Caps HealthCare company is the only one that complies with ISO: 27001:2013 certification for the secure handling of information.) It greatly improves safety in comparison with manually handling mediation at the bedside. Furthermore, it indicates at all times what stock is inside, who is dispensing and to what patient.

Especially designed for:

  • -Safely storing medication that requires such.
  • -Emergency kits, first doses.
  • -Situations that require strict handling of medication.
  • -Controlling expenditure in a precise way.
  • 24-hr access to stock, handler and patients to whom medication is administered.
  • Direct connection with Pharmacy software.
  • Greater safety compared to manual handling.
  • Touch screen with incorporated barcode scanner.


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