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Medimat is a robotic medication storage and dispensing system that allows the management and optimization of outpatient pharmacy stock.

The new generation robot presents new functionalities and features that will bring added value to your pharmacy.

It will allow you to save space and reduce costs by eliminating overstocking and expired medications, and faster dispensing, allowing you to focus on the patient.

  • Its modular structure guarantees the flexibility of integration in all kind of areas dedicated to pharmacy.
  • The front door allows for a variety of charging methods, including multipicking.
  • The robotic arm is dedicated to the reception, relocation and dispensing of medication conatiners, being capable of dispensing up to 900 containers/h. It can handle different sizes and shapes (cubic, cylinders, wrapped, etc) of containers.
  • It has various dispensing outputs, with the possibility of establishing distant collection points (on the same or different floor).
  • The additional Fill-in-box automatic loading system will allow you to separate, organize and identify the containers that enter directly from the distributor.
  • It allows the integration of an exclusive dispensing module for high turnover medication, with an independent robotic arm from that of Medimat.


The cost of this product may vary due to differences in configurations, associated services, specific offers or in cases of public tenders. It is therefore recommended contacting the supplier to assess the specific case.


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