Pegasus Drawer

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Computerised cabinet system for storing therapies.

Pegasus D is capable of automatically loading, filing and collecting singe doses of personalised prescriptions. The system is made up of several spirals, depending on the choice of the number of beds to be served.

Each movement of the bag is traced in real time in Pegasus’ supervisor system, which provides a picture of the stores’ situation at all times.

Pegasus D is configured to manage the therapy in each patient’s drawer according to time slots.

  • Planning and reduction of healthcare expenditure.
  • Distribution of medicines with specific requests.
  • Preparation of prescriptions in real time.
  • Management of profits: optimisation of discarded items.
  • Personalised therapy according to each patient’s drawer.
  • ATHENA interface with simple, intuitive control panel.
  • Visualisation of medicines and restocking orders.
  • Management of therapies and emergencies.
  • It saves time for the personnel.



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