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A software application for managing intravenous fluid workflows (IV workflow management software). Its complete software provides a guide for users, who can thereby be quickly trained to use the application.

The use of smart barcode reading enables the identification, validation and traceability of the preparation. Furthermore, real-time photography provides documentary evidence of the correct application of the orders defined by the pharmacy. All of this ensures full conformity and traceability of the processes involving intravenous preparations in hospital pharmacy.

  • Flexibility: Software can be adjusted to adapt to that of the Hospital.
  • Two-way information integration of factory orders with the main clinical management applications by means of HLT-compatible message reception/issuance.
  • Web access to cloud servers, thereby minimising technical requirements and resources on the part of the hospital.
  • Traceability: statistical information is provided regarding the preparations managed by the application.
  • Prepared with a view to inspections: Thanks to its medicine management system, it ensures compliance with the standards for managing medication.


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