PHARMODUCT: Automatic sterile compounding system for chemotherapy

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Pharmoduct is an innovative medical device, patented by Dedalus, for the automatic preparation and dosage of personalised chemotherapy solutions for intravenous administration. It thereby automatises all manual activities (preparing solutions in multi-dose, multi-extraction and single-dose containers, ready for intravenous administration with bags, syringes or elastomeric pumps), manages the entire process for administering the treatment (guiding the chemist in the methodologies, quantities and production times that have to be followed, throughout an improved process controlled by its intelligent automation), supervises and controls the procedure as well as the handling of the flow of information, thanks to the use of modern technologies.


Pharmoduct increases patient safety (being exact and respecting the method, guaranteeing that the final preparation corresponds 100% with the dose prescribed by the oncologist) and operator safety (during the extraction of medication from containers, dilution and filling of containers, Pharmoduct does not produce aerosols or suspended particles). The cabinet is also air-tight, which prevents environmental contamination during the dosage process.

  • It is a Class I medical device.
  • The cabinet is a Class ISO 4.8 contamination-controlled environment.
  • Produces up to 30 products per hour.
  • Prevents wastage of medication by optimising the use of bags.
  • It uses RFID technology to control dosage, identification and traceability processes.


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