Pneumatic sample-transport system (Artisteril)

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The installation is made up a series of stations or reception and shipping points strategically located in the different Hospital services.

It enables the internal transportation of samples, documents and small objects in a fast, safe and fully automated way.

The stations are linked together by an interior pneumatic system, which transports the element carrying the loads, called a cartridge. It has a capacity of up to 1,000 shipments/day.

  • Visualisation of the cartridge’s situation in real time, with control of shipment duration, with a record of the hour, minute and second of the cartridge’s departure and arrival.
  • Maintenance functions and remote access to the elements that make up the installation.
  • Implementation of an RFID chip in the cartridges and a reading/recording antenna in the stations.
  • Simple to implement, in both existing and new buildin
  • gs.


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