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QuimioProcess is a computer application designed for the comprehensive management of the complex multidisciplinary process involved in hospital onco-haematology. It establishes an efficient and safe work process of the critical points related to patient treatment, including all pharmacotherapeutic subprocesses:

  • Patient programming and management.
  • Assisted prescription of antineoplastic treatment by the specialist.
  • Validation and preparation of cytostatic medicines and related medication in the area of pharmacy.
  • Administration of medication and patient control by the oncological nursing service.
  • Permits the organisational transformation of pharmacotherapeutic processes, improving healthcare quality and comprehensive care of the patient.
  • Extensive experience and integration capacity:

Information systems used in the healthcare field (HIS, lab services, appointment programme, storage logistics, medical records, financial management…)

Automated systems (robots, dispensing machines…) and devices (pumps, scales…)

  • Maximum degree of automation and standardisation of all aspects of the process and procedures.
  • Functions as a healthcare guide for the users of each subprocess and provides all elements considered to be of help, in prescription, in pharmaceutic care and in administration (support systems for clinical decision-making (SSCD), configurable drop-down menus (checklist), algorithms for automatic calculations, alert systems for dosage calculations and adjustments, decision trees, care plans…).
  • The design of therapeutic protocols consists of chemotherapy, antiemetics, support medication, order and administration method, maximum doses, toxicity, interactions, dosage modifications according to toxicity or organic insufficiencies, etc.
  • It features automatic calculation and dosage adjustment according to each patient’s anthropometric data and clinical situation, without differentiating between adults and paediatrics with the same system.
  • Facilitates the pharmaceutic validation of all prescriptions before they are administered (including oral antineoplastics), considering the patients’ clinical data, clinical safety and approved protocols, recording such in the patient’s medical records for its consultation and evaluation.
  • Guarantees the correct correspondence between patient-medicine-dosage-method-time of administration within a stable condition, by means of verification using barcodes, DM or RFID and/or data transfer to automated administration pumps.
  • Increases efficiency by mean of stock control and management of leftover products.
  • Includes elements aimed at tracking adherence and providing correct healthcare information to the patient regarding medication.
  • Guarantees the safety of the patient and of healthcare personnel by means of qualitative and quantitative control elements.
  • Simple, intuitive usage based on the basic principles of Windows.
  • Real-time communication among all participating parties.
  • Full healthcare and clinical traceability (who, what, when, why and how with regard to medication, patient, user and process).
  • Accessibility to information about the status of specific treatments in real time, and access to the patient’s medical records; available for all hospital users by means of integration with clinical H.
  • Includes a powerful statistics tool, based on complete database traceability, for exporting pharmaco-economic/pharmacotherapeutic data and generating reports. The prospective monitoring and tracking of treatments facilitates an analysis in order to subsequently evaluate the results.
  • Configurable and parametrizable tool according to functioning reality, needs and resources at the hospital and/or multicentre level (complex, corporative, health service…).
  • Provides solutions in projects differing in complexity and size, with needs in related areas (storage and logistics, MHDA, EECC…) due to forming part of an independent hospital management system.


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