Robotic medicine storage and dispensing cabinets

Rowa Vmax® 320

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Completely closed cabinet featuring a robotic system that enables the entry, storage and dispensing of boxes of medicine.

The cabinet can dispense medicines individually or group them together in trays or cubicle according to centre.

It provides solutions for medicines that have to be refrigerated.

It is a modulable cabinet whose height and length can be configured, according to needs and available space.

The cabinet features its own management system, which can connect and operate with the usual Pharmacy Service systems. It enables stock control, management of expiry dates, FIFO storage system.

Its most common features include: Storage and dispensing of medicines in the Pharmacy Unit for outpatients, or as a medicine storage system in other areas of the Pharmacy Service.

  • Compact storage with up to 4,000 packets/m.
  • Scalable, modular construction for each installation: high flexibility in size, entry and transport technology.
  • It can handle not only cubic containers, but also round and cylindrical ones.
  • Advanced robotic arm with patented technology featuring V-shaped pincers.
  • Improved, high-speed entry speeds with capacity for multi-entry (up to 8 packets).
  • High dispensing speeds thanks to “multi-picking” technology, even mixing different products.
  • Possibility of incorporating an internal storage, control and dispensing system for thermolabile products.
  • It features its own management system, which is interconnectable and interoperable with computer systems used in Pharmacy Services.
  • Great capacity for using available space in order to optimise storage. Container density per m3.
  • Automated, self-cleaning module.
  • A highly flexible system in which it is possible to modify the installation in order to increase its capacity or install a second arm, if necessary.
  • A great design that won the Red Dot Design Award.
  • TÜV and GC, ISO 14001 and 9001 certification.


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