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Robots that move container carts from general management services to hospitalisation and central healthcare services. They travel along circuits defined in the computer system, along corridors on floors -1 and +2, where the transport source services are located, to destination services throughout the hospital. There is constant and agile communication between the Robots and the computerised management system, thanks to the use of radio modems.

Magnetic communication system: The central computer system defines the circuits along which the Robots travel. These itineraries are guided by magnets placed on the ground, at a specific distance between each other. The Robot measures this distance and relays it continuously to the central computer, to confirm that it is on the right path. If the distance that the Robot measures does not coincide with that of the computer system, the Robot stops and notifies the computer that it has lost its way.

  • Safety devices to stop the Robot when it encounters an obstacle on its way.
  • 4 lead batteries to power the robots’ work.
  • Control panel for the service and information of the system’s maintenance personnel.
  • The Robot communicates continuously with the central computer, by means of its radiofrequency, to ensure that it is on the right path.
  • Programming of the supply of clean or full carts from source services, and of the collection of dirty or empty carts from hospitalisation or central services.
  • Safety systems (emergency pushbuttons, indicators, safety strips).
  • Barcode (identification of each container cart by the system, with a source and destination service).


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