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Added Pharma’s range of SmartFiller products encompasses several types of machines for automatically filling syringes with intravenous medications. It enables the aseptic release of batches of syringes filled with medication in the Hospital Pharmacy environment. This system not only increases the safety of patients but also that of healthcare personnel’s working conditions.


This range of products includes 3 types of machines:


  1. SmartFiller Mini: The smallest product in the range. A very practical machine that combines the function of peristaltic pumping and syringe filling. It can therefore be used to transfer solutions, reconstitute medicines, pour solutions and fill bags, syringes and elastomeric devices.
  2. SmartFiller: Automatic syringe-filling machine that functions in a precise, aseptic way. The syringe is subsequently capped.
  3. SmartFiller and Capper: This is the largest product in the range. It features filling and capping functions. This capping function enables, as an additional advantage, the possibility of working with caps from different suppliers.
  • Increases efficiency and safety.
  • Easy syringe filling.
  • Faster filling speed.
  • Capable of transferring 800 ml per minute thanks to its peristaltic pump.
  • Capable of working with Luer-lock syringes and oral syringes from 1 to 60 ml.
  • Low noise level.
  • No cleaning required since the elements are disposable.</a


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