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StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet

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StocKey RFID Smart Cabinet is the best way of ensuring real-time control and traceability of high-cost surgical products.

StocKey RFID Smart Cabinet automates critical tasks of inventory management in highly complex environments, including inventory management (stocks, batches, expiry dates), patient assignment, data collection and restocking orders.

RFID technology enables real-time inventory control without the need for giving nursing personnel more tasks. It indicates at all times the location of surgical products. Support tools for the financial aspect of clinical management. It compiles precise access and usage records for surgical materials and supplies, enabling the optimisation of stock levels and reducing the loss of materials.

  • The StocKey RFID Smart Cabinet automates key aspects of the management of high-value medical supplies. It is ideal for controlling stocks and optimising traceability.
  • Surgical implants can be linked to the identity of patients, thereby creating a record of what products were used for a specific patient.
  • Medical personnel will no longer have to spend valuable time controlling the inventory and can focus entirely on their patients.
  • Products nearing their expiry date can be identified easily and located quickly.
  • Hospital management have a clear, exact picture of stock levels in real time, and can automatically programme orders when minimum stock levels are reached.



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