Sumetzberger pneumatic tube

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The Sumetzberger pneumatic system is an integral part of every self-respecting modern Hospital worldwide, which has gradually evolved from the times when all that was needed was to move a medicine from point A to point B, to the present day, in which we are dealing with safety and efficiency conditions that are much more demanding.

It is an automatic system that enhances safety at the different critical points in the process of handling medicines in the Hospital, ensuring real-time monitoring and recording at all times.

In a Hospital, fast and reproducible transportation of medicines is an essential task. This system can also handle dangerous medicines.

  • Safe transportation.
  • Maximum protection against unauthorised access (thanks to the use of ID CARDS such as MIFARE, SKIDATA, LEGIC, etc).
  • Automation of processes (efficient, safe, effective).
  • Optimised restocking 24 hours per day.
  • Full traceability and documentation in all shipments.


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