Filling Parenteral Nutrition bags

Macro & Micro TPN Compounder (Braun)

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Automatic system for preparing and filling parenteral nutrition bags in a fast, smart and efficient way.


Modular structure with a maximum of 25 filling stations. Barcode-based work system, whose sets are numbered and have different colours, thereby enabling better control and improved safety.


Capable of filling different types of bags (EVA, DUAL CHAMBER).


The macro module has a volumetric pump for simultaneously fast-filling 9 stations. Independent line for lipids.


The micro module can consist of up to 3 independent platforms with 8 filling stations each, which are filled independently in a fast, efficient way. Capable of working with different types of primary containers (glass bottles, Ecoflac, syringes and bags).

  • Short filling times.
  • Windows-compatible software.
  • Standardised filling processes.
  • Easy to clean.


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