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This is the computer solution based on VIDAL GROUP’s technology that provides full access to VIDAL VADEMECUM modules by means of Health Information Systems and electronic prescription applications.

All functionalities available in the VIDAL VADECUM INTEGRATED application are based on an innovative API (Application Programming Interface) that covers 4 main areas: medicine search and consultation, alerts, replacements and document consultation. Thanks to its experience in the integration of applications, VIDAL VADEMECUM provides its partners will global access to its reference information modules and support in decision-making, such as VIDAL CONSULT, which is VIDAL VADEMECUM’s decision-making support application designed for hospitals and primary care. This includes complete reference information on commercially available medicines, helps to control safety in prescription, and enables the management and optimisation of the hospital’s pharmacotherapy guide.

With the backing of more than 100 years of experience in the field of information on medicines, the VIDAL VADEMECUM CONSULT application improves patient safety, providing healthcare professionals with reliable medical and scientific information on medication. The CONSULT application provides us with fast access to rigorous medical and clinical reference information. It also identifies, thanks to its foreign medication module, the international equivalents of medicines included in a list of more than 45 countries all over the world. On the other hand, it features a Prescription Analysis module, which enables the different professionals to check safety and have access to all available medicines.

  • Access to locally available medicines.
  • Wide range of medicine-medicine and medicine-patient alerts (based on the Clinical Decision-Making Support Modules developed by VIDAL VADEMECUM): 1. Medicine-medicine module. 2. Medicine-patient module. 3. Medication dosage module. 4. Medicine allergy detection module. 5. Duplicate therapy detection module. 6. Medicine surveillance module.
  • Documentation and structured data functions (monographs and structured information on medicines). It interacts with third-party applications, enabling fast access to medicine reference information, prepared by a team of healthcare specialists (chemists, doctors, pharmacologists) and based on national and international reference sources.
  • Innovate API technology that enables integration and simple implementation.
  • A single interface for several medicine databases.
  • Interoperability with standard terminologies in the healthcare field (ATC, ICD…).
  • It provides its partners with global access to its reference information and decision-making support modules, and helps to improve safety in prescription and optimise the management of medicines.

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